New Caledonia Travel Guide
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Sailing and Cruising in the South Pacific

If you are interested sailing in the South Pacific visit the cruising guide to New Caledonia - This is a great site with lots of information about sailing in New Caledonia. There are also links to superyacht training sites, marina in vanuatu, and new caledonia vacation information sites.

Maybe the most important thing you need to know when cruising in the south pacific is what the weather is going to do. There's an old saying, "I'd rather be in here wishing I was out there than out there wishing I was in here." The secret to picking the best time to go is to watch the marine weather carefully.

If you go cruising as a professional, on your own yacht, or on a chartered yacht, you'll need information about the places you go cruising. There is a terrific Windows and Mac cruising guide for Vanuatu, with satellite and aerial images of over a hundred anchorages on every Vanuatu island.

If you visit Vanuatu aboard a yacht of any description you'll certainly visit Yachting World in Vanuatu. They provide fuel, WiFi Internet, a sea wall marina and moorings for yachts from all over the world.

Islands in the South Pacific all have their own lifestyle, their special culture. Visit the Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, New Caledonia, Vanuatu , Samoa or Palau, or even the big island of Australia. The key is to live your dreams and expectations to fit the actuality of the islands.

Yacht charters in Australia

You could charter a yacht and save yourself the time and expense of a lengthy passage. To do this, of course, you will need some training. Club Sail, in Sydney Australia, offers an excellent range of recreational sailing courses to teach you everything you need to know from being a good crew member to being an offshore skipper qualified to charter a yacht anywhere in the world. This can include some great adventure cruising along the Australian coastline as well as day training cruises in Pittwater and Broken Bay - one of Australia's best cruising grounds. Club Sail is Australia's best known sailing school.

Travel the South Pacific in Style and get paid to do it

Each year hundreds of luxury superyachts sail the south Pacific and their crews get paid high wages. These are really beautiful yachts and although the crews work long hours taking care of the yachts and the guests they also have no living expenses at all so all their pay goes straight to the bank.

To become a crew member - or the captain - on superyachts you will need to go to a Maritime Institute for training.

The best place to get your training is at Club Sail's Superyacht Crew Academy, based in Sydney Australia. One of the courses you'll need is stcw95, which is now required for crew on superyachts - even private ones. You'll learn basic but necessary fire fighting and other skills. You can start out with no qualifications at all with Superyacht Crew Academy's Fastrack programs. In one concentrated training semester you can go from zero experience to a qualified crew position or even all the way to a captain's qualification. If you have some sailing qualifications you can get qualified as crew or captain in a much shorter course. Once you are qualified, the Superyacht Crew Academy will help you in finding a position on a superyacht.

Sign on as a deckhand, a steward or stewardess, a cook, or first mate, or the captain. It all depends on your training and qualifications

Don't forget that cruising requires a certain mind set and awareness.