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L'Escapade Island Resort Noumea

l'Escapade ilot Maitre Nouvelle Caledonie


エスカパード アイランド リゾート (コーラル パームス リゾート)

에스카파트 아일랜드 리조트 (코랄팜 리조트)

Helicopter view of the Coral Palms Resort - l'Escapade Island Resort


L'Escapade Island Resort Noumea is the new name for the luxurious Coral Palms Island Resort.

It is part of the Groupe La Promenade Hotels Noumea - a consortium of 7 Noumea Hotels in New Caledonia.

The resort is on Ilot Maitre, a special marine reserve in the world's largest coral reef lagoon.


Coral Palms Navette from Noumea

You arrive at the resort after a comfortable 25 minute boat ride over New Caledonia's protected lagoon aboard the air conditioned 58 passenger navette the "Coral Palms". Ilot Maitre is very close to Noumea - in fact, that's Noumea in the background, behind the Coral Palms.

As the Coral Palms approaches l'Escapade Island Resort the first thing you notice are the overwater bungalows. These are unique to this New Caledonia Resort, and help to minimize the ecological impact of the resort on Ilot Maitre.

L'Escapade Overwater Bungalows

l'Escapade Island Resort Reception

The Navette ties up to a pier and an electric golf cart will arrive to carry the baggage to your room. The Reception is right at the end of the long pier.

Reception is open 24 hours a day but the Coral Palms only makes 7 or 8 return trips to Noumea a day.

After a welcome drink you will be shown to your room.



l'Escapade Island Resort Overwater Bungalows

Overwater bungalow at l'Escapade Island Resort


Each overwater bungalow is set apart from the others and has a verandah with direct access to the lagoon.

In the photo below you'll see a young lady watching the tropical fish in the crystal clear water (click on the photo for a larger view).



Lounge of the Overwater Bungalow at l'Escapade Island Resort


The private entrance opens directly into the lounge.


If you want to see what it's like to stand in the lounge and look all around click and drag on the virtual reality image below. Even better, click on the "full screen" tab to see it full screen (amazing technology it's just like you are there).


Escapade Overwater Bungalow Noumea in Noumea

Overwater Bungalow bedroom


Have a look at the bedroom.

The window overlooks the fabulous lagoon sunsets. Of course it is air conditioned and there is a direct dial phone, iron, ironing board, etc as you would expect from a 4 star resort.



Overwater Bungalow bathroom at L'Escapade Isaland Resort




Right off the bedroom is the luxurious bathroom.





Snorkelling at L'Escapade Island Resort




There is a stairway down into the lagoon in case you want to go out for a little snorkel.







The Island Bungalows at l'Escapade Island Resort


l'Escapade Island Resort Island Bungalow


There are 44 island bungalows scattered through the tropical gardens of Ilot Maitre. These are set up for couples or families (children are not allowed to stay in the overwater bungalows). Some of the island bungalows overlook the lagoon but most of them look out onto the gardens.


l'Escapade Island Resort Island Bungalow inside


The door opens into the bedroom/lounge area and the bungalows have three to 4 beds, Satellite TV, coffee tea making facilities, mini-fridge, ensuite with a separate toilet, direct dial phone, hair dryer, air conditioning plus an overhead fan.



l'Escapade Island Resort Reservations

The Ouen Toro Restaurant

l'Escapade Island Resort Ouen Toro Restaurant

The Ouen Toro Restaurant has three dining rooms and two bars plus seating around the big swimming pool. There is a big buffet on the weekend that brings Noumea residents out for a day of good food and fun in the sun.


l'Escapade Island Resort romanitc dinner at Ouen Toro Restaurant

If you wish a romantic setting, the staff with happily set up a table where you can dine in royal luxury in one of the most romantic spots in all of New Caledonia.

And the food is amazing - here you will finally learn what the French word Gourmet really means.


l'Escapade Island Resort wedding chapel


If you get really carried away with the romance there is a wedding chapel right at the resort. At the moment, wedding ceremonies in New Caledonia are not legal civil affairs (unless you are a resident of New Caledonia) but many people arrange ceremonies in New Caledonia to reaffirm their wedding vows or to celebrate their wedding after having a quiet civil wedding back home. For more information about New Caledonia weddings click here.


l'Escapade Island Resort Reservations

l'Escapade Island Resort Activities

l'Escapade Island Resort Beach



Resorts are, after all, about activities and there are plenty of things to do on this special tropical island. You can walk all the way around the island on the white sand beach - for starters. Or simply find a secluded little part of the beach and stretch out for some happy sunning.


l'Escapade Island Resort pool bar


Or you can have a drink at the swim up bar at the swimming pool.



Or go for a swim in the pool. Click on the full screen tab below to see the virtual reality sphere image full screen. Click and drag on the image to look all around and up and down.


Escapade Island Resort Pool New Caledonia in Noumea

l'Escapade Island Resort coral reef


If you are looking for more action-oriented water sports, visit the Nautical Center where you can sign out snorkelling gear and head out to the astonishing coral reefs of the Ilot Maitre marine reserve.


To see what the coral reef looks like when you are swimming on it, click on the full screen tab below.


Escapade Island Resort Coral Reef Bubble in Noumea

l'Escapade Island Resort Banana Boat




You can also ride all around the island on the "banana boat" pulled by a jet ski.





l'Escapade Island Resort jet ski rentals



And if you really want some speed, try a jet ski yourself - instruction is available (it doesn't take much instruction).





l'Escapade Island Resort Kayak





If you want a little more exercise, try a kayak for two.



l'Escapade Island Resort Kite Surf school



Or for some real excitement there is a Kite Surf school most every day. Kite surfing has to be the most thrilling new water sport and the guys who teach it are world champions.



l'Escapade Island Resort Reservations