Money New Caledonia Currency and Exchange Rates

New Caledonia currency

New Caledonia's currency is the South Pacific Franc (CFP or XFP).

You'll probably feel weak in the knees the first time you see a bill in CFP because one CFP is like One Cent so $10 would be CFP1,000 and a nice dinner in one of the better restaurants might set you back CFP 10,000 per person. The CFP is fixed to the Euro (1 Eruo = 119 CFP) and varies in value compared to other currencies accordingly. The converter below will give you today's rate in any currency. Just bookmark this page to quickly and easily get today's conversion rates between any two currencies.

Credit Cards and New Caledonia Money

Major credit cards are accepted just about everywhere in Noumea and by hotels throughout New Caledonia. In rural areas the post office (OPT) and banks have ATMs or will give cash on your credit card. Credit cards are by far the best way to pay for things or get cash in New Caledonia. Visa and Mastercard are universally accepted but most hotels also accept American Express, JCB and Diners.

Travellers Cheques and New Caledonia Money

All the banks charge a high fee for cashing travellers cheques. The American Express office in Noumea does not charge to cash American Express travellers cheques and offers bank rates.


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